Counseling for Stress/Anxiety

Counseling for Stress/Anxiety

Stress or Anxiety becomes an issue in our life if it impacts our work and relationships.  Have you noticed any of the following?

  • Lack of focus at work
  • Unable to listen to others
  • Not finishing tasks
  • Excessive thinking about a number of different things
  • Unable to eat properly
  • Sleep issues (waking up at odd hours due to excessive thoughts or waking up too early)

Often times, our stress or anxiety is masked by other deep rooted feelings such as sadness. When anxious feelings subside, deeper feelings can emerge. In order to stay away from those negative/deep feelings, we make our minds busy and consequently become anxious.

We can see how having too much stress and anxiety can really make our life and relationships suffer. The great news is that stress and anxiety is something that can be worked on, much like everything else. We can manage our stress/anxiety by engaging in certain physical and mental activities that will calm our nerves and help us get back on track with more focus and ease.

Stress and anxiety

Counseling and Therapy for stress and anxiety helps. Here’s how we do it:

  • Look deeper than the surface- what are the “stressors”- Can we make any changes?
    • Looking at triggers- What sets you off?
    • Self reflection- Looking back and making connections
    • Self esteem development- Working on strengthening my inner self to be less affected by outside world
  • Develop effective coping skills
    • Mindfulness
    • Deep breathing
    • Self acceptance
    • Being non judgemental of myself and others
    • Transfer the anxiety to “healthy anxiety”
    • Finding a support system/hobbies/passion
    • Psychical exercise

Stress and Anxiety affects many of us today, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. I can help you better manage your stress and anxiety. Call me for a free consultation and to make an appointment. 


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