Counseling for Sadness/Depression/Loneliness

Counseling for Sadness/Depression/Loneliness

Deep despair and Depression can be caused by a number of factors that are involved within us (meaning in our bodies):

  • Inherit from family
    • If your parent(s) or close family members struggled with Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Illness, there is a chance that you have inherited these traits as well. Sometimes we aren’t aware of our family history of mental illness and it could be helpful to be ask and research this area.
  • Biological
    • Our brain is complex and contains lots of chemicals that “command” many of our functions, including our emotions. Since our brain is so sensitive, any disturbance in the wiring of our brain, and how the chemicals are transmitted can have an affect on our mood and how we regulate ourselves and our emotions.

This is all making me more hopeless! I feel like I’m now stuck with all of this and that’s why I feel depressed or anxious!
There is hopeful news here, we can actually change the wiring in our brain!
What do you mean change the wiring in our brain? Our brain is set once we are born. It’s a rigid machine that can’t be changed!

Studies are showing us that something called Neuroplasticity allows us to change the wiring in our brains! Think about how a recent stroke patient who is unable to perform basic tasks has the ability to relearn all these functions with the help of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, learning to walk and talk again.

Through therapy, you will learn a new way of looking at the world. You will gain helpful skills to help rewire your brain and gain more control over your emotions.

Other factors that affect our mood and can cause Depression and Anxiety are environmental factors. These are factors that are outside of us and outside of our control. Some of these include:

  • Trauma
  • Recurrent Stress
  • Childhood upbringing

So why is it that I’m so depressed and others going through similar situations are doing just fine?

Our perception of events differ. No two people respond the same way to the same event. Studies on identical twins show that even when raised by same parents, and raised in the same type of circumstances, each child will perceive life differently and develop different type of resiliency.

I have worked with these kind of issues for years, let’s work together towards a happier life. Call me to schedule your appointment. 


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