Counseling for Individuals

Counseling for Individuals

“Because sometimes, we need someone to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

  • Does your life feel empty?
  • Feeling sad or depressed?
  • Feel like you aren’t reaching your potential?
  • Can’t say no to others?
  • Have dead end relationships?
  • Feel anxious and stressed most of the time?
  • Feel distant from others and can’t talk to anyone about how you feel?
  • Feeling negative and hopeless?
  • Or maybe just feel like something is “off” with you?

These signs tell you that you need more wellness in your life. We can achieve that together by paying attention to what is happening. In individual counseling, we will focus on areas in your life that need a good tune up.

I can help you and together we can set goals on what you want in life. Call me today for a free phone consultation and to set up your appointment. 323-413-8069

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